The Music Together┬« program is fun and interactive. It is wonderful to see the children “make music” and to be so excited about it. Dean and I really enjoy both the music and the class overall. It is something nice we can do together that we look forward to. Ms Eniko is very enthusiastic and friendly, a great teacher.

Michelle Fleisher/ Dean’s mom


Ms Eniko, Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher. Sophia looks forward to your class every week.

Terry Carr/ Sophia’s mom


What a joy and pleasure it has been for my daughter to be learning the piano from Ms Eniko. She not only makes it fun and exciting, but is committed to making my daughter learn to read music as well as encouraging her to play under the Suzuki method. She started at the age of 5, and has progressed beautifully through out all her books. Now at age 6, she is learning more of the technique and music theory and seems to love it. Thank you so much to Ms Eniko!

Tara Maroney/ Devin’s mom


The Music Together program is a wonderful experience! My son and I have attended since he was 9 months old, and this class has fostered his Love of Music. This program provides a rich sensory environment of singing, rocking, clapping, and moving to the beat which I can truly see my son loves.

Heather Porto/ Derek’s mom


For nearly four years Ms. Eniko has excited us about music. Through her philosophy and various methods, Ms Eniko discovered and nurtured my daughter’s creative abilities, thereby making our experience with her truly invaluable.
Thank you Ms Eniko.

Misty Barnes/ Jillian’s mom